Black Maca Powder

Black Maca Powder
Black Maca Powder

Black Maca Powder

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It is a tuber native to the highlands of Peru, it is characterized mainly by increasing physical and sexual resistance, male and female fertility and mental concentration. The effects of black maca are much faster and more powerful than those of any other type



  • It is very revitalizing.
  • Increase physical endurance.
  • Reduces the effects of stress and fatigue.
  • Favors a good mood.
  • Improves memory, concentration and learning.
  • It increases fertility, since it increases the number of sperm and their mobility.
  • Contributes to the good performance of the ovaries.
  • Regulate the menstrual cycle.



  • Maca black


Mode of use

  • 1 to 2 spoons in the morning with water, cereal or smoothies



  • Bag 200g



Men health tea

    Regular price $26.80

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