Organic Digestive Tea

Sunka organic digestive tea
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Organic Digestive Tea

Organic Digestive Tea


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A digestive tea infusion mixture of aromatic and medicinal natural herbs such as muña and culén, natural herbal tea that helps to stimulate the production of digestive juices improving your body's natural ability to process and absorb nutrients, recommended for stomach problems or excess food. No preservatives or artificial flavors.



  • Calms stomach ache
  • Facilitates digestion
  • Remove dizziness
  • Relieves colic
  • Promotes the expulsion of gases
  • 100% organic



  • Muña
  • Culen


Mode of Use

  • One infusion filter three times a day after each meal



  • 1 Box contains 12 filters, 1 filter = 1g and box weight 0.05kg
  • 1 Box contains 50 filters, 1 filter = 1g and box weight 0.2kg



  • Digestive tea

Regular price $4.99

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