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Throughout history, since the Pre-Inca culture, the practice of traditional medicine was based on medicinal plants and rituals related to spirituality and energy, the medical significance of an ancient Andean tradition, using regularly prepared remedies based on indigenous plants, herbs with specific healing properties such as the sacred coca leaf of the Incas, and natural native herbs, essential elements in the Andean lifestyle for more than 3000 thousand years.

Peru Exporta has more a one decade in the market, promoting medicinal herbs teas, and roots natives of Peru that has an impressive eco-system; extremely diverse climate, three natural geographic areas, coast, mountains, and jungle, 11 ecological regions, and 84 of 117 different types of life zones.

Peru Exporta is the result of countless efforts to promote nature as a cure for the soul, natural alternative for multiple disease treatments for a healthy body, whose premise rests under the slogan "The physician treats, but nature heals”- Hippocrates.

Peru Exporta has achieved a position in the preferences of the most demanding worldwide markets as a trustworthy company thanks to its commitment to provide value through a combination of quality products, excellent customer service, and low prices, supporting its products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.



Company Statements

  • Mission
    Offer healthy natural alternatives to disease treatments that help people live a healthier life with flagship tea products that can improve their quality of life using natural herbal products natives from Peru.

  • Vision
    As a leading company that promotes natural resources, empowering people to have healthier lives using native herbal products, maintaining operating efficiency,  ensures cost-effectiveness, keeping the highest standards performance, and exceeds customer expectations.


  • Values 
    The culture defines values that guide actions, behavior, and decision making in the company at all times

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  • Developing Human Capital
    Being a marketer of the wealth that the Peruvian Andean lands have to offer stimulates innovation and creates the ability to learn and training through different current technologies and programs to their work team, which improves the personal well-being and promotes an environmentally responsible culture. The people involved in the chain process are in fair trade, ensuring the compliment of the internal rules and policies, maintaining a positive work environment.
  • Social
    Peru Exporta is committed to socially responsible management, and the well-being of all those involved in the value chain until the final customer satisfaction is the primary motivation for common progress.


  • Environment
    Completely respectful of Mother Earth who gives us these treasures, we show the utmost respect for nature and the environment, each stage of the process has the least possible impact on the natural environment, maintaining the ecological character of the region every step of the way.