Gripal Tea

wawasana gripal tea
eucalyptus tea
escorzonera tea
borage tea
black mint tea
muña tea

Gripal Tea

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Mixture of Andean medicinal herbs that act on the body to relieve the symptoms of the flu and the cold. No preservatives or artificial flavors



  • Prevents respiratory infections
  • expectorant action
  • Relieves cough



  • Eucalyptus
  • Borroja
  • Scorzonera
  • Black mint
  • Muña


Mode of Use

  • 1 infusion filter twice a day when you have respiratory conditions



  • 1 box contains 12 filters, 1 filter = 1.5g and a box weight of 0.05kg



  • Respiratory tea

Regular price $4.99

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black mint tea borage tea escorzonera tea eucalyptus tea gripal muña tea respiratory respiratory tea wawasana

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